Never a day goes by that interesting e-mails don’t flood into my e-mail account.  Some e-mails are from the US, but many are from the UK, Germany and many other countries though out Europe and beyond. Funny, but somehow they all end up here in Florida.  It’s pretty amazing I agree, after all it’s just an AOL account.  I’ve had the same e-mail account since 1996 so it didn’t happen over night, the account just seems to be a magnet of all that’s interesting, weird, insightful, funny, cute, beautiful and slightly naughty.  It happened slowly at first but then picked up speed over the last 10 years.  Sometimes I could just kick myself over how many e-mails I actually deleted over the years, but luckly I kept many of them….

So there you are, just in case you’re wondering where they all came from. The fact is I just don’t know, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.